tal·ent (n.) – The natural endowments of a person.
a·bil·i·ty (n.) – Competence in doing; a skill.


Talent is inherent.  Ability is developed.
Talent gets you noticed, and even revered at times.  Ability leaves admirers speechless, and doubters silenced.
What if your mom was wrong?
We’ve all been given the speech from the Parenting 101 Handbook to, “just do your best.”  If “your best” isn’t better than anybody else’s best, then is your best really good enough?  In the book, “Talent is Overrated“, the author Geoff Colvin discusses “what really separates world class performers from everybody else.”  He performs a case study on the greatest wide receiver that the NFL has ever seen, Jerry Rice. Geoff explains that “Rice didn’t need to do everything well, just certain things.”  Jerry Rice wasn’t the fastest, the biggest, or the strongest player in the league, but he was still the best.
It is absolutely imperative that you consciously and consistently cultivate your ability (i.e. – perfect your craft.)
Jerry Rice’s workouts were so difficult that when another coach would ask the 49ers’ trainer for the details “the trainer never released the information out of fear that people would hurt themselves.”  His workouts were focused on the certain things like, pass patterns for precision, weight training for strength, uphill sprinting for acceleration, and longer intense workouts for superior endurance.  Regardless of what your business is, we are applying this same type of work ethic to hone our core competencies for both ourselves and for our customers.
At JD PALLAS, we don’t seek to rely on either one over the other.
We unrelentingly require both talent and ability, in every applicable scenario that we engage in.  We only hire talented people.  And we are tireless in the development of our capability by constantly searching for new, aggressive methods of achieving extra-ordinary results.  Also, since we intentionally do not take on clients who are looking to fit in, we consciously do not resource our companies with individuals who are looking to do so.  We service clients who are like us.  Talented and uber-aspirational.  Period.
JD PALLAS was NOT created to just do our best.
Part of our mission states, “Our goal is ALWAYS to have a profound impact on the global marketplace by making something BETTER.”  We do this by taking principles that have been proven to work regardless of the business, industry, or field.  From our owners, to our employees, and to our strategic business alliances, we are always striving to be the best.  And as our client, it is essential that you fully understand that that is exactly what we want for you, as well.  We offer something that is unique and different…something that is invaluably better than what is already out there…and something that will make you not just your best, but also the best.


So, at the end of the day, you have to ask yourself…