“They do that better than we do that…so, how can we get better?”

Organizations are continuously looking to determine exactly how they can improve their bottom line, by either reduce costs or increasing revenue. This is most commonly achieved by increasing the overall efficiency & effectiveness of their business operation(s) – whether they are process or systems oriented –and– human or technology based.

Competitive analysis & benchmarking are sister activities that can push forth your company’s organizational strategy, by helping you achieve that exact goal. The primary objective of benchmarking is to identify, analyze, adopt, and tailor the best practices of your primary competitors, in order to improve & grow your business.

What makes benchmarking such a powerful tool is that the results your competitor evaluations inherently justify the strategic decisions you make to initiate strategic projects aimed at investigating or implementing business solutions. This is because the objective metrics that verify the success of process performance in turn provide a strong business case for strategic, tactical, and operational investments and initiatives.



  • COMPETITIVE INSIGHTS – You learn exactly what your benchmark competitors are doing and what your target consumer base is responding to
  • PERFORMANCE METRICS & TARGETS – You receive quantifiable information that illustrates exactly what it is that you are aiming for (and proof that it is absolutely attainable)
  • BUSINESS CASE VALIDATION – You can leverage the objective performance data, to support and/or drive strategic investment decisions
  • PROVEN APPROACH – You learn precisely which tactics do and don’t work for your primary competitors


Leveraging the knowledge and tools of our business strategy consultants can provide you with a significant advantage over your competitors, for two main reasons:

  • EXPERTISE: the strategic consultants at JD PALLAS have deep experience across just about every major industry category – which means that our clients can have complete confidence that the recommendations and work product we deliver will be comprehensive, reliable, and most importantly…will produce results.
  • CREDIBILITY: the proprietary tools and methodology used by our team of business strategy experts to execute benchmarking projects has been proven successful for our clients of all sizes, sitting across all industries.

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