Top 10 Value Adding Home Improvements


It’s Super Simple… When you make the right improvements to your property when preparing it for sale, you significantly increase the odds of selling it both quickly and for top dollar. Conversely, if you do nothing or if you make the wrong changes to your property, you will undoubtedly:

a) Waste Time,

b) Waste Money,

c) Prolong The Timeframe To Sale, And

d) (Very Likely) Reduce The Price At Which It Ultimately Sells!

Says who, you ask? Well, in 2012 a survey was taken by over 2,000 real estate agents (nationwide), who found that moderately priced home improvements ranging from ~$200 to $2,500 – made in preparation for sale – actually yield the highest returns on investment (ROI), once the house is subsequently sold.

So…when you are ready to sell your property, this should be your order of operations’ top 5.


Do we really need to explain this one to you?  You’ve seen the show Hoarders.   Don’t be that guy / gal.  Just don’t.


You do realize that the lighting in most retail clothing stores is extremely intentional, right.  Showing something “in the best light” isn’t an age old cliché for no reason, people.


Wouldn’t you be upset if you bought a car that turned out to be a lemon?  Exactly.  Well, the beautiful thing about home buying, which is verry different from car buying…DUE DILIGENCE.  And if your home does turn out to be a perceived lemon, you (the seller) will end up paying for it in the long run (via adjusted purchase price, a real buyer being scared away, etc.).  So do yourself (and us REALTORS ®) a favor, and fix your s…tuff.

4 : LANDSCAPE | ROI 215%

People ABSOLUTELY judge books by their covers.  And trust us, homes are no different.

5 : STAGE | ROI 196%

When you’re selling, it is critically important to realize that you are not selling a prospective client “your home.” You are selling them “their future home.”  And, the more ably your buyer can visualize themselves in “their future home,” as a result of having carefully (and best, professionally) manicured an aesthetic portrait of their soon to be life, the better.

Curious about the average cost for each of these? And, do you want 5 more options to add to this list?!?


BONUS TIP: If you are going to tackle the updating / renovation of only one room in your house, make it the kitchen!…And, if that’s recently been done, (within the last 3 years), move onto the bathrooms.

Source  – – – >  NIC, THE REALTOR ®